Welcome to WMATA Developer Portal

The collection of data offered here allows developers to create new and innovative applications for the web or mobile devices. We encourage you to integrate Metro data into your applications and mashups to help get people the information they want about getting around. Use of our APIs and other data is free of charge, you have two options, for new developers who want to try out the WMATA API but are not ready for production, and you can use our demonstration key, without having to register.The demonstration key is available on our API Explorer page.

If you want to use the WMATA API for a production App, we ask Developers to register with us to receive a development key and agree to the guidelines outlined in our Developer License Agreement.

By either using our demonstration key or after you register, our open data will be yours to creatively show off your passion for programming and Metro to make something great!

2014-11-07 - API changes coming in mid-December: We are planning a transition to a new API provider. This will require action on your part to ensure your applications are not impacted during the transition. Please see this page for more information.

2014-08-28 - We have some new methods available: Bus Incidents, Station to Station Info, Station Times, and Station Parking. We also made a few changes to our Station Info and Get Rail Stations methods to include address information. As always, please feel free to contact us with suggestions or issues.