Description of Methods

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   Rail Methods


Here are a list of rail methods exposed by this API.

Method Description
Get Rail Lines Returns list of Metrorail lines.
Get Rail Stations Returns list of Metrorail stations.
Get Rail Station Info Returns information about individual Metro stations.
Get Station Entrances Returns entrances to Metro stations.
Get Rail Paths Returns a path of stations between two stations.
Get Rail Station Prediction Returns station arrival information as it appears on Public Information Displays.
Get Rail Incidents Returns rail incident information (disruptions or delays).
Get Rail Station Times Returns station opening time, first, and last trains from a station.
Get Rail Station to Station Info Returns station to station fares, distance and travel time.
Get Rail Station Parking Returns parking spaces, costs, and availability near a rail station.


   Bus Methods


Here are a list of bus methods exposed by this API.

Method Description
Get Bus Stops Returns list of Metrobus stops.
Get Bus Routes Returns list of Metrobus routes.
Get Bus Schedule by Route Returns schedule for the route.
Get Bus Positions  Returns real time Metrobus positions.
Get Bus Schedule by Stop Returns the bus schedule for a specific bus stop.
Get Bus Arrival Prediction Returns the Metrobus arrival predictions for a specific bus stop according to the real-time positions of the buses.
Get Bus Route Details Returns shape of the route (locations the bus is going through) and its bus stops.
Get Bus Incidents Returns bus incidents (alerts and delays).


   Elevator/Escalator Methods


Here are a list of Elevator/Escalator methods exposed by this API.

Method Description
Get Elevator/Escalator Incidents Returns information about elevators and escalators as it appears on the Public Information Displays.